☕ Book a chat with Deb

**Let's pause for coffee together!** With zoom it's easy to have a quick call, on your computer or mobile, with or without video, or on a telephone. You'll get call instructions in an emailed booking confirmation. Please add a note when booking so I remember why we are meeting?

⚡ lightning coaching

**Bring your puzzle, problem or opportunity, and let's create some shift!** (Free) No need for a lot of background info - we just dive right in. Are you ready? I am! \o/

❤️ Sample Session with a Certified Life Coach (free)

**You'll be amazed what one hour of phone or video coaching with a skilled partner can do!** Whether you're looking to hire a coach, or just curious: give yourself the gift of a full hour of expert-led self-care, and come away encouraged and energized. This is a €250 value, and I love doing it Please do share it with your friends! *No strings - there's never any pressure to continue.*

✨ intention bracelet

**Design the voice of your Best Self into a bracelet** - a loving message visible when you need it most. *Includes coaching, custom bracelet; special options or materials (ex: sterling) may cost a bit more. Shipping is extra.* *Read more at https://lovingcharms.wordpress.com*